Clontarf Academy

Clontarf Academy

The Clontarf Foundation started in the year 2000 in Western Australia with 1 academy. Since then it has grown to 148 academies Australia-wide, and Christies Beach High School (CBHS) has been fortunate to welcome the foundation to our school.

The program targets improving the education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal men and by doing so, equip them to participate more meaningfully in society.

A dedicated, safe space is available for students to access before and after school and at lunch and recess time, where they are supported by Clontarf staff. Students work their way towards attending camps and excursions, community events and sports carnivals in collaboration with other Clontarf academies.

Clontarf staff mentor and counsel students on a range of lifestyle issues while CBHS caters for their educational needs. Using a comprehensive approach of supportive relationships, a welcoming environment and a diverse range of activities, the students develop improved self-esteem and confidence. Academy activities are planned within the focus areas of education, leadership, employment, healthy lifestyles, life skills and football. In order to remain in the program, participants must continue to work at school and embrace the objectives of the Foundation.

Upon completion of the program, specialist Employment Officers are engaged to support graduates to find employment and provide support until they become comfortable with their new jobs and surroundings.

The Foundation’s approach has been highly successful, not only in attracting young Aboriginal men to school and retaining them but also inspiring them to embrace more disciplined, purposeful and healthy lifestyles.