Intervention and Support

Intervention and Support

We believe all students are capable of learning when they are highly engaged with appropriate learning experiences. Some students need additional support to achieve success and our intervention programs provide this at an individual level.

Additional learning and support needs may relate to a range of circumstances for the child. Teaching staff and external support agencies work together and with families to plan and implement a personalised learning plan known as the One Child One Plan for identified students. Through this process learning goals are designed and supported to meet the needs of each student. The Intervention and Support team works in collaboration across the Middle School, Senior School, Flexible Learning Program and the Inclusive Education Centre (IEC).

High quality intervention and support programs in place include:

  • Targeted Learning Centre (TLC) program providing an engaging, inspiring and safe learning space for students in years 8, 9 and 10 who require additional learning support
  • connecting students, families and education staff with providers as required, including those engaged through National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Department for Education Student Support Services including Speech Pathology, Psychology, Special Education and Behaviour Coach support
  • classroom-based support for literacy and numeracy interventions and SACE completion
  • a range of alternative programs for students who require additional wellbeing and engagement support (please refer to the Alternative Program information below).

Targeted Learning Centre (TLC)

The Targeted Learning Centre program operates within a learning space designed to meet the needs of an identified small group of students with a diverse range of additional learning needs in years 8, 9 and 10. Lessons are tailored and adjusted to the student’s current ability, while increasing opportunities for success and engagement.

Identified students in year 8 and 9 attend the TLC every day for all subjects, where they access a significantly modified curriculum, as well as targeted intervention for literacy and numeracy skills. Students work with one Care Group teacher and have access to a classroom Support Officer at all times. Identified students in the year 10 Targeted Learning Centre attend for the core subjects: English, Mathematics, Personalised Learning Plan, Science and History. All remaining elective subjects are undertaken in regular classes.

Although most programs offered in the TLC focus on supporting individual progress in literacy and numeracy, the centre also provides assistance with cognitive, social, emotional and wellbeing support to the identified students. The TLC aims to improve the academic outcomes and wellbeing of the students, support self-regulation and increase overall engagement in learning.

To access the TLC students need to go through a school-based referral process. For further information about referrals please contact the Assistant Principal, Intervention and Support.

Alternative Programs

We provide a range of alternative programs to encourage participation and engagement in school life and learning experiences. Programs are tailored to the needs of individual or small groups of students and vary based on need. A range of experts are engaged to ensure high quality is maintained, drawing on the expertise within our immediate community.

Some of the alternative programs currently offered include:

  • Art Therapy
  • Rock and Water
  • Hoops 4 Life
  • Labs ‘n Life
  • Ice Factor
  • Car Restoration
  • Fitness
  • Drumbeat
  • Cultural Connections
  • Kindergarten Club
  • Interoception
  • Master Chef Cooking
  • Coaching Young People for Success
  • Water Safety Program

Modified SACE

Modified subjects are highly individualised subjects in which curriculum and assessment are designed around development of one or more SACE capabilities and personal learning goals that are appropriate for the student. This pathway enables students with identified learning needs to complete the SACE.

The following modified SACE subjects will be offered during 2021:

  • Personal Learning Plan
  • Research Project
  • English
  • Mathematics.

To be eligible for Modified SACE, students need to go through a school-based referral process.

Post-School Pathways

Students accessing intensive support are further assisted to connect with successful pathways into their life after school. This includes drawing on community resources and expertise to support students making the transition to adult life, and extends to creating clear pathways to work or further study.


For more information please contact Skai Perkins, Assistant Principal for Intervention and Support on 8329 9700 or