Intervention and Support

Intervention and Support

All students are capable of learning when they are highly engaged, with appropriate learning opportunities and support. Some students need additional support to access educational opportunities and to achieve success.

These additional learning and support needs may relate to a range of circumstances for the student, their schooling and their family. Teaching staff and external support agencies work closely together and with families to plan and implement a One Child One Plan for identified students, whereby support is designed to meet the needs of each individual student. The Intervention and Support team works in collaboration across the Middle School, Senior School, Flexible Learning Program and the Inclusive Education Centre (IEC). A range of diagnostic tools are used to identify the needs and appropriate support programs for all students.

Christies Beach High School works to develop a holistic approach to ensure all students have access to high quality personalised learning programs. These programs include but are not limited to:

  • Targeted Learning Centre (TLC) program providing an engaging, inspiring and safe learning space to students in years 8, 9 and 10 who require additional learning support
  • connecting students, families and educational staff with a range of professionals as required, including NDIS and Department for Education Student Support Service providers: Speech Pathology, Psychology, Special Education and Behaviour Coach support
  • classroom-based support for literacy and numeracy interventions
  • a range of alternative programs are offered to students who require additional wellbeing and learning support (please refer to the Alternative Program information below)
  • the Aboriginal Education team support the learning and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with a strong focus on building strong relationships between school and home
  • the Wellbeing team consists of Student Wellbeing Leaders and Youth Workers who support identified students with mental health and wellbeing, building healthy relationships, developing social skills, and engaging positively with learning.

Targeted Learning Centre (TLC)

The Targeted Learning Centre program provides an innovative intervention program to a specific group of students in years 8, 9 and 10 with identified disabilities and/or complex barriers to learning and school engagement. Lessons are tailored significantly and adjusted to the student’s current ability, while increasing opportunities for success and engagement. Students attend the Targeted Learning Centre every day for all subjects where they access a significantly modified curriculum, as well as targeted intervention for core literacy and numeracy skills. Students work with one Care Group teacher, and have access to a classroom Student Support Officer at all times. Although most programs offered in this space focus on supporting individual progress in literacy and numeracy, the centre also provides assistance with cognitive, social, emotional and wellbeing support to the identified students. The Targeted Learning Centre aims to strengthen learning outcomes and opportunities for all students.

To access the Targeted Learning Centre program, students are referred through a school-based referral process.

Alternative Programs

Christies Beach High School provides students requiring additional wellbeing and learning support, access to a variety of school-based support, services and intervention programs. Some of the alternative programs currently offered include but are not limited to:
• Art Therapy
• Rock and Water
• Hoops 4 Life
• Labs ‘n Life
• F1 in Schools
• Ice Factor
• Inspire Mentoring
• Woodwerx
• Autism SA support program
• Fitness
• Drumbeat
• Emotional Skills program
• Master Chef Cooking
• Coaching Young People for Success
• Water Safety program

For more information please contact Senior Leader – Intervention and Support Skai Perkins on 8329 9700 or