Enrolment Information/Tours

Enrolment Information/Tours

To make an enrolment enquiry, please either call in to Christies Beach High School or ring us on 8329 9700. A pre-enrolment enquiry form will be completed.

The form will be forwarded to the Principal for evaluation and then to one of our Assistant Principals who will make contact with the parent/caregiver.

Depending on the needs of the student, either the Assistant Principal or one of our Student Wellbeing Leaders will arrange an enrolment meeting with the student and parent/caregiver. During this meeting an Enrolment Pack containing information and documents such as enrolment form, permission forms, health and medical forms, school policies and procedures, uniform brochure plus other documentation – will be explained, filled out and signed as required.

During the enrolment meeting subject selections will take place and a start date will be identified. A tour of the school can take place at this meeting if required.

On the day of commencement a staff member will meet the student and organise books, a diary and a timetable. The staff member will escort the student to their first class and introduce them to their teacher.

School Tour Information

During the school year we conduct several Principals Tours. Dates will be publicised on the CBHS website, Facebook page and notices published on our App.

We also open our doors to the public on Open Night. As well as fun activities and presentations, we also run tours of our facilities regularly during the night. This is a perfect opportunity for you to experience what CBHS has to offer, meet our friendly staff and ask questions. Open Night dates will also be publicised on our website, Facebook page and via our App.

School Tours outside of the above times can be arranged. Please call us on 8329 9700 to make a time with one of our staff members.