Information Technology

Information Technology

At Christies Beach High School (CBHS) we provide students with a network that allows them to engage with their learning in a way that is safe and connected to learning in the 21st century.

Our school supports a high speed fibre optic connection, along with a comprehensive wireless connection throughout the school. This network supports both school-owned devices as well as student-owned devices. We also provide students with a subscription to the Office365 suite which gives students access to 1Tb of storage, allowing them to access their work both at school and at home.

We have specialised rooms that support skills for:

  • digital media in the creation of digital imaging and 3D design
  • design and coding focus to develop coding skills and understanding for the modern workforce.
  • music focus with a suite of options to help students develop key understandings of the role IT plays in the music industry.

To support our senior students, we have a daily loan program where years 10 to 12 students are able to loan out a computer on a daily basis. Year 12 students are also given the option for home use in return for a small deposit on their computer.

Our middle school has laptop cabinets located in their classrooms to allow students to access laptops when required. We are currently implementing an iPad program across the school which will support collaborative teaching practices of the middle school and provide students with challenging and authentic learning opportunities.

All students are able to access their printing from multi-function printers throughout the school via the use of the ‘Papercut’ App.

Our IT team are available from 8.30am to 4.00pm every day to support students with issues related to their school-based device and for help managing access to the school’s network. They also provide support for students who bring their own device to school.

Our network is protected with department-approved security and filtering to make sure that students are using the internet in a safe and appropriate way.