Year 7/8 Transition

Year 7/8 Transition

The purpose of Christies Beach High School’s (CBHS) comprehensive transition program is to ensure all students feel connected to their new learning environment by providing opportunities for them to develop positive working relationships with their peers and teachers and developing support structures that cater to their individual learning and wellbeing needs.

Moving from primary to secondary school is a significant event in every child and their family’s education journey.  This transition, although exciting, can be challenging for some students as they undergo a period of great change in a new educational environment and begin to form individual opinions, values and beliefs. Christies Beach High School acknowledges the strong connection between wellbeing and learning and is committed to supporting and monitoring the wellbeing of every student.

CBHS students transition from local primary schools throughout the southern suburbs of Adelaide. The transition includes Open Night, half and whole day visits to CBHS, various Principals Tours, high school staff and student visits to primary schools, Year 7 Information Night, Targeted Learning Centre visits, Year 8 barbeque for students and their families, and the highly successful 3day Transition Camp.

We acknowledge the powerful learning and relationships that exist within our primary schools, working closely with primary school staff to ensure that every child experiences a smooth and successful transition into high school. Primary and secondary school teachers meet regularly throughout the transition process to ensure that we understand the learning and wellbeing needs of every student and provide suitable support for their needs upon arrival at CBHS. Some students who require additional support during this time of change will engage with an alternative transition program that is tailored to their needs and may include additional school visits, parent/school conferences, practicing school routines at site and participating in lessons.

CBHS and surrounding primary schools are committed to supporting the individual needs of all students during their transition to secondary school, and providing them with every opportunity to achieve success.

For more information regarding the CBHS Transition Program please contact Middle School Assistant Principal Amanda Bennett on 8329 9700 or

As part of our transition program, CBHS hosts Deadly Start to High School (DS2HS) visits. DS2HS is a transition program available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) students currently in year 6 and 7 in primary school, to visit various high school sites and participate in high school activities with other Aboriginal students. The program culminates with a day at Flinders University where students undertake cultural activities and participate in an awards ceremony recognising their involvement in the program.

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