Assessment and Reporting

Assessment and Reporting

At Christies Beach High School (CBHS) there is a high expectation for all students to achieve their personal best.

Assessment of student progress and achievement is an important part of ensuring student success. It provides feedback to students on the effectiveness of their learning and also on how to improve their learning. Furthermore, assessment provides feedback to teachers on the effectiveness of their teaching. At CBHS, parents/caregivers are encouraged to contact the school at any time if they have concerns.

For years 7 to 12, reports are published via DayMap to parents/caregivers at the end of terms 2 and 4 with grades and comments in line with achievement. In addition to this, students will receive live academic progress indicators which are published on DayMap for parents/caregivers to view. These indicators allow parents/caregivers and teachers to monitor student progress and where required, provide support to improve student learning.

Learning Conversations are held in the latter half of terms 1 and 3 where parents/caregivers along with their child can talk to teachers about progress and areas of growth.

A to E grades are used to report student progress:

  • in years 7 to 10, achievement is referenced against the Australian Curriculum Standards Achievement
  • in year 10 (Personal Learning Plan) and years 11 and 12, achievement is referenced against the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) Performance Standards.

Students with an identified ‘One Plan’ are assessed at their achievement levels for the modified outcomes described in their One Plan. Adjustments recorded in a student’s One Plan provide valuable information around specific learning goals and future pathways.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects use a competency-based assessment, judging a student’s performance against the Australian Quality Training Framework Standards. The assessment must be conducted by a qualified assessor under the auspices of a registered training organisation which may be a school, TAFESA campus or other VET provider.