Christies Beach High School (CBHS) enjoys an excellent school environment with large classrooms and beautifully maintained grounds including tennis courts, a new covered outdoor learning area (COLA), a gymnasium for indoor sports such as basketball and netball, a Performing Arts Centre for music, drama and dance, and a Trade Training Centre for automotive and construction courses.

We also have high quality commercial kitchen facilities, well equipped visual art spaces, technology workshops incorporating wood and metal work, a laser cutter and photography. Situated adjacent to our teaching and learning facilities is a large, well-maintained and highly utilised oval.

A recent major building program has seen our facilities transformed into world-class learning areas and workshops. Most recently our Administration, Student Services, Library and Senior Years classrooms was renovated into an exciting space we are all privileged to work and learn in.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Centre

The CBHS STEM Centre is a specially-designed teaching facility that focuses exclusively on delivering educational and instructional activities in the areas of STEM.

The stylish and relaxed environment is designed to capture and attract the imagination of young people and promote interest in the vast range of career paths and options available to scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians. The STEM Centre allows students to undertake practical science experiments, use robotics equipment, learn and apply coding skills and explore engineering concepts. Our digital media suite includes high end Apple computers with software for students to edit video, a sound studio and a studio for filmmaking.

CBHS is a powerful participant in the F1 in Schools STEM Challenge where students take on the challenge of developing the world’s fastest miniature F1 car. Groups of students have to follow a pathway of engineering and manufacturing disciplines: design, analyse, test, make and race. They are provided with access to real world technology such as 3D CAD/CAM/CAE engineering design software.

The STEM Centre provides students with a unique opportunity to learn and develop new skills in a technology rich environment. Having a dedicated space for access to advanced technology and a space where students feel empowered to engage in high level problem-solving is critical for student development in the 21st century.

Inclusive Education Centre (IEC)

Our purpose-built IEC is a space that integrates innovative architecture and creative interior design to maximise student engagement in learning programs.

To create a warm and welcoming environment, the central courtyard and classrooms are flooded with natural light all year round. The layout of each classroom includes a kitchenette, enclosed outside space and a shared flexible learning area. The kitchenettes are utilised by students on a daily basis to build and practice important life skills. The outside and shared flexible learning areas are an extension of the classroom, adaptable to the needs of students and staff. These spaces can be configured for individual or small group tasks and STEM activities, or provide students access to a calmer, quiet area as required. The flexible learning area can also be converted into an inviting sensory withdrawal area for students. The latest ICT has been incorporated into all classrooms. Sound Field systems and interactive televisions allow students to actively engage in an innovative learning program.

The design of the building and associated outdoor areas encourages a collaborative and integrative learning environment for students and staff and the addition of the central courtyard allows our IEC community to grow, interact and support each other in new and powerful ways.

Years 7-9

CBHS has made changes to its learning programs and learning environment – transforming the school to a modern and vibrant education hub in Adelaide’s southern suburbs.

The architectural design of our Year 7-9 building is research-based with the aim to promote engaged learning, foster a sense of security, resilience and belonging.

These carefully designed learning spaces are flexible, vibrant, inspiring, creative, fun, motivating and appealing for all types of students.


  • give students choices
  • help students concentrate
  • encourage positive relationships
  • meet the differing learning styles of children and promote learner interests and passions
  • provide a sense of comfort and safety
  • link students to learning opportunities locally, nationally and globally.

The flexibility of this beautifully designed space provides opportunities for learning programs to spill outside the classroom through student study openings and canopies that are fully equipped with the technology required to engage in high quality learning.