Regular attendance at school is important for students to get the most from their education. We have an expectation that every student will attend school every day, and while at school will attend every lesson.

If a student is absent from school, parents/caregivers are asked to call us by 9.00am or submit an absent note via the App on the day of absence. If the absence extends beyond two days please contact the school for advice on 8329 9700.

Each day a student is absent, an SMS absentee message will be sent to to parents/caregivers who have registered their mobile phones with the school. Registration for this service can be done upon completion of the child’s enrolment forms.

We acknowledge that students may occasionally need to come to school late or leave early for a range of reasons. It is important that students follow the school expectations regarding appropriate sign-in and sign-out procedures when these circumstances arise.

  • Arriving to school late: if students arrive to school after 9am they are expected to attend student services and sign in. students will receive an entry slip that requires the signature of a staff member, which they need to present to the teacher of their first lesson.
  • Leaving school early for planned reasons: parents/caregivers are expected to contact the school ahead of time and give permission for the student to leave school grounds at the required time. Students are expected to attend student services and sign out. Students will receive an exit slip that requires the signature of a staff member.
  • Leaving school for illness: when a student attends student services to receive health support, student services staff determine whether the child should go home. Staff will contact the student’s parent/caregiver for permission to leave the school grounds if appropriate.